The Wind Swept Wonder of Canada’s Maritime Provinces

For years, Chris and Lynn Holmes did their cruising on Chesapeake Bay in a 26-foot power cruiser (boat). Now, they’re land cruising.

Since Chris retired three years ago, the couple gets their fix for adventure RVing. Extended road trips to Alaska and the American Southwest only whetted their appetites for more.

Last summer, the duo pointed their fifth-wheel north, winding up through New England – with a stop at Acadia National Park – before tackling a several week trip through Canada’s Maritime Provinces.

They found quaint villages, spectacular coastline scenery, and a pristine natural beauty that they’ll never forget.

LYNN HOLMES: “It was our first experience venturing into that part of Canada – a two-month trip through New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

“It was a beautiful time of the year. We took our bikes and did a lot of hiking, and the photography was unbelievable. The scenery in Nova Scotia is absolutely gorgeous and provided endless opportunities to capture “the perfect picture” – or at least try!

“Cape Breton was memorable, with its spectacular coastline scenery along the famed Cabot Trail (a highway that loops around the northern tip of Cape Breton Island and through a national park), with hiking trails all over the place off of it. Just wonderful.

“You can also visit Fort Louisburg, which is kind of the Williamsburg of Nova Scotia, a fascinating place to step back in time. We also went whale watching off Cape Breton Island in a Zodiac (inflatable boat) and saw pilot whales.

“Halifax, the capital, was a really cool town. If you have a chance, find out ahead of time when the Halifax International Busker Festival is – we managed to catch it, and it was just fantastic! All these street entertainers along the harbor, unbelievable talent from around the world – singers, magicians, contortionists, jugglers… it was a thrill.

“Then there was Peggy’s Cove, south of Halifax – a photographer’s paradise. You could take pictures all day long – extremely colorful.

“Anyone who goes up to the Maritime has to go to Prince Edward Island, one of the prettiest islands you’ll find anywhere, very picturesque and tidy, with the neatest homes and farms.

“Perfect little cottages with their painted fences and manicured lawns. Flower beds are tended, barns are freshly painted. No matter where you went, everyone took great pride in their home, lands and fields.

“There’s also Confederation Trail, a wonderful bike trail that cuts all the way across the island along an abandoned railroad line.

“As far as any tips for RVers, I would suggest that unless it’s off-season (or a lousy time of the year to travel), make reservations ahead for campgrounds, especially around more popular areas.

“For example, Cape Breton Island is extremely popular – not an area to go to and just hope you’ll find a place. Also, get online ahead of time and check out festival schedules to find out when areas are going to be busy.

“Discovering new places and reveling in the pristine beauty of nature delighted us to no end! Our travels in our RV so often allow us to experience a “feast for the sense” – and this trip certainly did not fail in that endeavor!

“To me, this is a destination that should be on everybody’s list. You owe it to yourself!”

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