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Q & A: Platforms, Mattresses, and Satellites

Q. I have a fifth-wheel RV trailer and I want to mount a platform on the back to carry my scooter. The platform and scooter weigh 500 pounds. My trailer has a dry weight of 8,000 pounds. The dry hitch weight is 1,649 pounds. How much will this platform/scooter lessen the hitch weight? Is there a formula to figure this […]

Easy Living, Lasting Friendships at Myrtle Beach

It was simple luck that put Roger and Darlene Schluensen in a ROUTE 66 RV Network showroom – an open house they’d decided to attend at the last minute. But it was there that an encounter with another RVing couple- Leland and Joanne Hurley – would forge a fast friendship, opening the door to years of travel adventures together. When […]

Big Bend and Beyond in Texas

To Dan and Diane Botts, the perfect outing typically includes some form of camping… and a motorcycle. So when the opportunity came this past winter to explore southern Texas, the northeastern Pennsylvania couple decided to shake off the ice and snow and roll down to a warmer climate for a few months. Anchoring their truck camper at the Lost Alaskan […]

In Search of America’s Best NFL Tailgating

A California family hits the road to taste tailgating at NFL stadiums across America It’s not that the DiEugenio family are football crazies. They don’t follow their favorite teams as if they’re rock stars. No dressing up as mascots or bizarre body painting. They just know a great party when they meet one. That’s what led them to hit the […]

Exploring a Sublime Strand of National Parks in the Canadian Rockies

Last year, Richard and Donna Apple decided to pursue what they’d been told was “the most beautiful scenery in the world” with a trip deep into the Canadian Rockies. Ten thousand miles later, they weren’t disappointed. The Apples, who live in Western Florida, packed up their fifth-wheel, grabbed their two golden retrievers, shrugged at some of the highest diesel fuel […]

Journey with a Purpose Building Habitat Homes

Habitat for Humanity helps RVers contribute back to communities through their time, talents When Linda Walden and her husband decided to become full-time RVers, they knew they would love the freedom, the ability to roam wherever they chose – that wonderful rootless feeling. What they didn’t anticipate missing was feeling connected to a community, the ability to make a difference […]

Las Vegas Boulevard- May be the Brightest Official Scenic Byway in the Nation

By night, this famous chunk of concrete from Washington Avenue to Sahara Avenue – shimmers supernaturally with the neon glow cast from thousands of glaring, blinking, sputtering casino lights. The three-mile “Vegas strip” definitely offers its own kind of eye-popping scenery and plenty of local history, with long-standing casinos, landmark architecture, museums and wedding chapels, all stuffed into the very […]

Into the Mist of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a legendary wonder, drawing millions of tourists with its rugged, accessible beauty and thundering, jaw-dropping power   The liquid wonder of Niagara Falls greets you before you ever see it – a billowing cloud of mist that boils on the distant horizon, only a hint of the dramatic spectacle that is to come. For once you are […]

In Search of the Promised Land in Pennsylvania

Betty Deloney was a newcomer to RVing when she joined her daughter and granddaughter on her first tour of New England in a Class C motorhome. The journey took them on a grand sweep of the eastern seaboard, from Maryland up to Maine. The scenery and camping were memorable. But it was on the return trip home that Deloney and […]

Historic Finger Lakes Region in New York

About 100 miles east of Niagara Falls, lays New York’s famous Finger Lakes region. Fourteen counties surround the 11 pristine glacier-carved ice-blue Finger Lakes, plus dozens more small lakes. You’ll find gorges hiding more than 1,000 waterfalls, vineyards, state parks, a natural forest and inviting towns and villages that take pride in their rich heritage. Savor the natural beauty, of […]