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Into the Mist of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a legendary wonder, drawing millions of tourists with its rugged, accessible beauty and thundering, jaw-dropping power   The liquid wonder of Niagara Falls greets you before you ever see it – a billowing cloud of mist that boils on the distant horizon, only a hint of the dramatic spectacle that is to come. For once you are […]

In Search of the Promised Land in Pennsylvania

Betty Deloney was a newcomer to RVing when she joined her daughter and granddaughter on her first tour of New England in a Class C motorhome. The journey took them on a grand sweep of the eastern seaboard, from Maryland up to Maine. The scenery and camping were memorable. But it was on the return trip home that Deloney and […]

Historic Finger Lakes Region in New York

About 100 miles east of Niagara Falls, lays New York’s famous Finger Lakes region. Fourteen counties surround the 11 pristine glacier-carved ice-blue Finger Lakes, plus dozens more small lakes. You’ll find gorges hiding more than 1,000 waterfalls, vineyards, state parks, a natural forest and inviting towns and villages that take pride in their rich heritage. Savor the natural beauty, of […]

The Wind Swept Wonder of Canada’s Maritime Provinces

For years, Chris and Lynn Holmes did their cruising on Chesapeake Bay in a 26-foot power cruiser (boat). Now, they’re land cruising. Since Chris retired three years ago, the couple gets their fix for adventure RVing. Extended road trips to Alaska and the American Southwest only whetted their appetites for more. Last summer, the duo pointed their fifth-wheel north, winding […]

America’s Top Annual Turning of the Trees Scenic Drives

Your RV is the Perfect Way to Enjoy America’s Finest Fall Drives that Showcase the Annual Turning of the Trees. Ask an RVer about their favorite spot to observe fall foliage and you can ignite fierce loyalties and passionate debate. Geography? Forestry? Where to begin? Some praise New England’s thick maple groves, while others rave about the resplendent orchards of […]

Acadia’s Maine Experience

Acadia National Park Offers a Geographic Sampler Showcasing the Best of Maine’s Natural Grandeur. The Northeast’s only national park is a rugged collision of earth and sea — an island a world apart, boasting the highest mountain on America’s eastern sea- board, cobblestone beaches, pink granite cliffs, and lush evergreen forests. And its splendor has seduced visitors for decades. Steve […]

A Trip To Massachusetts’ Plimoth Plantation

Step Back in Time to Savor a Slice of Living History Pilgrim-style. “The people we know as the Pilgrims have become so surrounded with legends that we tend to forget they were real people. Against great odds, they courageously made the famous 1620 voyage and founded the first New England colony, but they were still ordinary English men and women, […]

A Gathering of Horses – Maryland’s Assateague State Park

Maryland’s Assateague State Park Hosts a Herd of Wild Horses and Much More. Centuries ago, a different breed of sea horses washed ashore on the windswept Maryland barrier island that is now Assateague Island National Seashore. Today, herds of wild horses co-habitat with visitors seeking a unique beach experience and easy, family friendly camping. This is a spot where you’ll […]

A Monumental Experience in D.C.

Cherry Hill Park Helps RVers Have a Capital Time. With its traffic snarls, steep security and scarce parking, the idea of exploring Washington D.C. may seem impossible to RVers. But here’s how one Maryland RV resort changed all that, bringing the splendor of our nation’s capital within easy reach. College Park, MD – The buzz of the Beltway is a […]