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Q & A: Platforms, Mattresses, and Satellites

Q. I have a fifth-wheel RV trailer and I want to mount a platform on the back to carry my scooter. The platform and scooter weigh 500 pounds. My trailer has a dry weight of 8,000 pounds. The dry hitch weight is 1,649 pounds. How much will this platform/scooter lessen the hitch weight? Is there a formula to figure this […]

Q & A: Solar Battery Charge, Exterior Protection, Water Filters, and Fuel Tips

Q. I’m looking for a way to do a trickle charge on my battery. I’ve seen some RVs that appear to have solar panels. What do you recommend that I should know about them before proceeding down that road? A. Many RV batteries suffer from parasitic drain caused by monitoring devices such as LPG and CO detectors, as well as […]

Q & A: RV Generators, Cleaning & Refrigerators

Q. What’s the best way to determine what size of generator I need for my motorhome? Can I run my generator for extra power while I’m hooked up at a campground? And am I really supposed to “exercise” my generator? A. It is easy to over complicate picking the correct size of generator, and adding up power requirements of all […]

Q & A: Fuel Additives, Safety and RV Construction

Q. What’s your thinking about the wisdom of diesel fuel additives? Are they advised only in some situations or strictly for older engines? Will they keep the injectors lubed better and help with bad fuel? I keep hearing mixed reviews. A. Diesel fuel additives are more of a plus overall, but are more important for older engines, especially with the […]

Q & A: RV Awnings, Safety and Slide-out Maintenance

Q. I’ve been thinking about putting an awning on my trailer, but everything that I’ve seen looks like I need an engineering degree to operate it. I also wonder about durability and what kind of long-term performance I can expect in an awning. Is there anything that you might recommend as far as aftermarket installation? A. There are many aftermarket […]

Q & A: Underbelly Enclosures, Weight Distribution and Water Heaters

Q. We are new to RVing and are looking to purchase our first trailer or fifth wheel. We are a little confused about whether the undercarriage should be open or enclosed and not sure what would be the best choice for us. Please advise us on the pros and cons of both. A. Underbelly enclosures have become more popular and […]

Q & A: Solar Panels, Vent Covers and Electrical Options

Q. I am looking for solar panels for my 25-foot fifth-wheel. I want to make sure that I get what I need — but I don’t know anything about them. I camp most of the time in Michigan, but now that we are retired we will be going early and staying late in the season, so I need one that […]

Q & A: Tire Gauges, Sealants, Refrigerators, Water Heater Valve

Q. By now, I’ve gotten the message that proper tire pressure is an important safety issue with my motorhome. But how do I know the gauge I’m using is accurate? A. Tire gauges can vary in their accuracy and price has little to do with quality or accuracy. The best way to ensure a reasonable degree of accuracy is to […]

Q & A: RV Covers, Mirrors and Lighting Products

Q. I’m looking to purchase an RV cover and find there is a big choice of products. I use my motorhome quite a bit during fall and winter months for hunting and ice fishing. What’s going to be the best material to stand up to heavy rain and snow? Any suggestions? A. For your use, you will need a product […]

Q & A: Water Odors, Levelers, and a Quieter Ride

Q. I’m a full-time RVer living in a 40-foot Class A and I’m having a problem with a bad odor coming from the hot water heater. I had some problems last winter in Arizona and had the tank drained several times. Each time I drained the tank, I had some type of white sediment come from the tank. I sent […]