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Q & A: Improved Gas Mileage, Hydraulic Jacks, More Comfortable Ride

Q. I’m looking for ways to improve the fuel mileage and performance of my diesel engine. Can you make any recommendations? Do air induction systems really make a difference in performance and gas mileage? Is this something a do-it-yourselfer can attempt? A. Air induction systems and controlled fuel delivery can definitely increase horsepower and improve fuel mileage. Banks Engineering is […]

Q & A: Water Pressure & Electrical/Battery Issues

Q. We recently purchased a used 24-foot travel trailer. It is in excellent shape and we are content with the purchase. We took our maiden voyage and had no problems. On our second trip, after setting up at a campground, we were informed that there was extremely high water pressure on the freshwater hook-up. Being new to RVing, we did […]

Q & A: Holding Tanks, Gas Detectors, De-Winterizing, Towing Capacity

Q. My problem is with our motorhome that we purchased last year. The gray water holding tank has a terrible odor, which we have not been able to get under control. I wondered if you had any suggestions? A. The main reason that gray water tanks stink is due to the hard residue or soap scum left from the dishwater […]

Q & A: Brakes, Hot Water, and Cold Pipes

Q. What’s causing my tow vehicle’s brakes to overheat? Are there certain conditions in which this is more likely to happen? What can I do about it? A. I’m going to assume you have an electronic brake control in your vehicle (if not, and your trailer is over 2,000 pounds, you need one). Your brake control should be adjustable for […]